According to the Ministry of Investment Promotion:

There are four sectors need to be invest in Somaliland 2019:

Agriculture Sector
Livestock Sector
Fisheries Sector
Energy Sector
Tourism Sector

But, there are many others sector with high potential profitability:

Minerals Sector – 63 minerals already discover in Somaliland since 1960

Oil Sector – Nugal and Saxiil including Togdheer and Awdal potentiality of Oil & Gas and Somaliland offshore has very high potential

Industries and Manufactures Sector – Servicing whole Horn Africa with Ethiopia (110 million), South Sudan (12 million), South Somalia (6 million) and Somaliland (4 million population), Djibouti ( 1 million), Eritrea (4.4 million), Sudan (41 million), Kenya (50 million).

Somaliland, as an country of stability in the Horn of Africa, offers good opportunities for profitable investment. Its private sector is flourishing, despite the absence of recognition have strong public and private sector service provision, and has historically been important in establishing peace and stability. However, Somaliland remains a frontier economy in which many sectors needs are yet to be met.

A small but growing pipeline of viable opportunities for investment exists. The livestock sector, the backbone of the economy, is relatively undeveloped with limited extension and support services and the fisheries sector has barely been tapped. Light manufacturing, the service sector and media are all ripe for investment, as are services such as health, education and power that are mostly provided by the private sector or funded by diaspora groups.