Civil Aviation and Airpots Authority of Somaliland (CAAA) (Somali: Hay'adda Duulista iyo Madaarrada) functions as the regulatory body for all aviation related activities in Somaliland. the current Manager is Abdi Mohamed Rodol.

The Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority Law (Law No. 70/2017) (see below) which was previously passed by both Houses of Parliament in late 2015 has finally become Law, on its signature by President, on 26 December 2017. The Law, which is explored in more detail below, was previously titled, as a bill, the Civil Aviation Law, not only covers the establishment, functions and powers etc of the Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority (in Parts 1 to 12 of the Law), but also includes provisions relating to aerodromes (airports), offences relation to aircraft and airports, passenger protection and confirmation of Somaliland’s adherence to various Aviation international conventions. The Authority also currently acts as an Airports Authority. Before we explore this new Law and other relevant civil aviation related laws currently in force (from 1991), we examine firstly the previous civil aviation laws applicable in Somaliland from it its independence on 26 June 1960 to the re-birth of the Republic of Somaliland in 1991.