Minister of Education and Science Mr. Osama Jama Adan, accompanied by Ahmed Abokor Mohamed, Director General of the Ministry of Education and Science hosted a delegation from Cardiff University, UK. The delegation has visited Somaliland in connection with the information to access the situation of education, agriculture, water, and research centers. The delegation which consisted of eight individuals has been in the country since last week and visited a number of ministries along with meeting the heads of various institutions.

During the meeting between the ministry and the delegation, the Ministry of Education and Science has provided comprehensive information on the current state of the country’s education system and the vision of the Ministry of Education and Science in the coming years.

Also, the delegation expressed their sincere appreciation to the Somaliland government and the Ministry of Education and Science in particular for welcoming the delegation to the country and organizing the meeting.   The delegation welcomed the country’s education reform efforts led by the Ministry of Education and Science. The delegation pledged to cooperate with the ministry, co-operating with the aim of enhancing the quality of education and the implementation of research centers.

Finally, after a productive and fruitful meeting, it was a great chance that the delegation had an opportunity to visit the National Teachers Training Institute in Heedho, North of Hargeisa.